They Can All Suck It

In case you hadn’t heard yet (don’t see how you could have not, but maybe you’re in a media black-hole… if so, can I visit?), but Kerry Conceded before all the votes were even in.

Both candidates can go fuck themselves, because it’s clear that’s all they’re capable of doing. Next election, both sides can jump off a pier, I’m voting third party, and anybody who tries to tell me how important it is that we back the lesser of two evils can jump with them.

To quote Randy: “Now I want to punch out most of America.”

Where the hell can we go that we won’t have other people dictating what our “morals” should be? Where can we go that people stop meddling with how other people choose to live their lives, when it has no impact (direct or implied) on their own wellbeing? (In case you are wondering, ALL 11 states that had a ban on gay marriage on their ballot passed the ban. Yet another example of Mrs. Grundy being a bitch.)

We’ve never exactly been all that tolerant a nation, but at least we used to fucking PRETEND we were.

5 thoughts on “They Can All Suck It

  1. Yup. I gotta tell you though, I voted a lot of third party candidates on my ballot, and it’s a pretty depressing feeling to see that “1%” show up next to your choice.

    Still…I just can’t stand choosing between tax-and-spend liberals vs. spend-and-spend conservatives anymore.

    It’s a sad day for the world. Sorry world: fucked again.

  2. Next time I’m voting for John Stewart.

    Bleck, I knew the end was coming after the RedSox won, but I didn’t see this. Not that it really could have worked out any better. At least the fucker got elected this time. Even if it was due to the senseless brainwashing of the masses of sheep that is the United fuckin’ States.

    “Hope lies with the proles!” Hey wait, those’re the people that voted us into this mess. Fuck!

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