The Moving Post

Alright, I’ll admit it. I’ve been a slacker about posting, opting to do schoolwork and pack and move instead. But since Mickey decided to point people in my direction, I guess it is finally time to update.

The quick sum-up: the move sucked more than it should have because no one showed up to help, but other than that didn’t really suck all that much. No serious injuries (just some bruises, a pinched finger, and a splinter when all said and done), no broken furniture, and we managed to get the rental truck back on time. It took us two twelve hour days to load and unload the truck, which was a Budget 24′ Truck (the largest they have) filled front to back, wall to wall, five-six feet high. Considering that, I think we made damn good time.

The house is currently a pile of boxes, though we’ve managed to get most of the furniture where we want it. The house has a separate den and living room, so we’ve got the tv and dvds and games and such in the den, which is off the kitchen. The living room is in the front of the house, and has a beautiful vaulted ceiling with a giant window letting light in… so we’ve decided that rather than making our offices tight with bookshelves, we’re going to turn it into a library of sorts… the bookshelves are going to stay down there, along with one of the futons, and Mickey’s giant soul-sucking chair of doom (for those unfamiliar with it: it’s a big purple beanbag that is roughly the size of a couch). I’m really pretty happy with this prospect, as I didn’t really want to hide all my books in a closet again. (My tech books and some of Mickey’s reference books are still going into our offices… we’re talking about our fiction collections, and my art and photography books, and Mickey’s Neil Gaiman collection.)

I could continue to talk about the house, but I’d prefer to just post some pictures of it instead… give us a week or two to unpack a bit and then I’ll get some pictures up, so stay tuned.

For those of you who have already read Mickey’s rant, you are already aware of how frustrated we were by no one showing up to help, after saying they would come. Mickey definitely was more ticked about it than I was… I’m pretty used to it. I have moved seven times now, and in all those times, I’ve had help from my father, and my brother. This is not for lack of asking for help, mind you, nor me not helping others move. People have ranged from having very valid and good excuses to simply saying “No.” At this point, I’m fairly resigned to the fact that unless I pay somebody (such as the case of moving from Windsor to Bellevue), the adage of “Many hands make light work” will continue to go unproven for me. (Please note that I’m not pointing fingers. If you find yourself taking offense, maybe you shouldn’t take things so personally.) Having this reaffirmed yet again really left kind of a sour taste in my mouth about the move, but I am determined to not let that sourness carry over to the house itself.

I invite you all to come visit when you can, or failing that, at least leave a comment. It’s nice to hear from people.

2 thoughts on “The Moving Post

  1. Am I to gather, then, that Chris is no longer a rocker who rocks out? ;-)

    Sorry about all the moving hassle. That’s just a real bitch. But I must say, the place sounds really amazing (from what I read here and at Mickey’s page). Mickey’s page looks a lot different than the last time I looked at it…no RSS for LiveJournals, eh?

    Here’s hoping the near future offers relaxation and happy vibes for you & yours.

  2. Chris is still a rocker, things just suck sometimes. My personal sentiment is that if I can’t forgive my friends when shit happens, I’ll run out of friends pretty quick, because shit happens A LOT.

    And yeah, LiveJournal has some nifty interior feed capabilities, but RSS reader support seems to be either WELL hidden or non-existent.

    Thanks for the well wishes, hope to see you this October :)

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