Jolly Good Fun

What a completely enjoyable and yet utterly useless day. Though I had no intention to, I slept in til 10 AM (dehydrated). Then I got up and geeked out with Eli, futzing with website stuff (he’s refining and redesigning his site) til three in the afternoon. We made some good progress with the site stuff as you can see, and then went for sushi up at the mall. After that, we went down to the coffee shop again, and hung out for the rest of the day.

Chris met us down there after he got out of work, and we hung out a while longer, until finally around 8, I picked up Mickey from the house and we went down to the Cheesecake Factory and had dinner… by the time we got done, we were running up around 10 PM… low and behold, it was still 80 degrees out, so we went swimming. Lots of fun, swimming around til 11… Aaaaand now we’ve rounded out the night by watching Aqua Teen Hunger Force on DVD.

Good but useless day indeed. Tee Hee!