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The house hunting is apparently over. We looked at some houses on Saturday, and then some others on Tuesday, discussed them, and decided to place a bid on our top choice, down in the Federal Way area. It’s great heaping gobs of money ($236,000), but well worth it: it’s in excellent condition and suits us well. We went down and took a second look last night, then submitted the bid.

Well, the tentative answer is a big YES! I say tentative because the seller’s wife is out of town currently. He’s said yes and told his agent to mark it as in contract, but his wife still has a veto. This is fine by us, as no one is expecting any issues. So, big ol’ woohoo!

There was a minor downer, however. You see, we hadn’t committed to an agent, and had set up several appointments to view houses (this is not uncommon practice… when you’re starting to house hunt, you’re trying to find an agent you like as well). So, we viewed some up in Redmond (mostly condos) with one agent, viewed some down in Federal Way with another agent, and then viewed some in Renton with a third agent.

We both liked the second agent most, and the house we liked most was in Federal Way. We were up front that we did have other appointments with other agents with all of them. Now, the first agent was disappointed when we told her we were going with a different house. The third agent… well, in his own words:

Nabil, you could have at least been honest and straightforward with me in
the beginning and stated that you are already working with an agent. Is a
little honesty, and loyalty too much to ask for these days? Your greed,
selfishness, and lack of professionalism are laughable.

That was in reponse to my email letting him know we were going with a different house:

We placed a bid on a house last night down in the Federal Way area that
we had viewed prior to our appointment with you.  The bid was accepted
earlier today.  We definitely appreciate the time and energy you've given
to helping us, and I wanted to let you know what was going on before you
spent any more time on it.

I’m absolutely floored. There was NO committal with ANY of the agents, and we were up front about it from the beginning. Not only that, but I told them what was going on as soon as we had word. It’s not like we were seeing any agent behind the others’ backs. We were at “first date” stage with every one of them, it’s simply that we found the house we wanted on the first viewing with one of them.

Of course, this is made further awkward by the fact that the third agent, the one who is being pissy, is our new landlord as of two weeks ago. (His GF/wife/SO is also our landlord, and is our mortgage broker.) I really didn’t want this level of bullshit. It feels like a bad breakup, and frustrates me more than I should let it.

At least we’re getting the house we want. :)

3 thoughts on “House Foo

  1. Well, thats the first time I’ve heard of that. RE Brokers generally are working for the sellers, not the buyers. Unless it’s a buyer-broker set-up, of course. The only reason I can see for this reaction would be if he showed you the house and you did the deal with another broker. That would be a legitimate beef.

    His response certainly wouldn’t make me too interested in refering anyone to him. Most people wouldn’t have even let him know they found something else.

    But, to be charitable, maybe he was just having a bad day.

    Don’t let this stuff get to you.


  2. Real estate brokers can and do work for the buyer as well as the seller. When a sale occurs, they both share a portion of the commission.

    A broker who works for a buyer would normally have them sign an agreement stating that they’re the exclusive agent. None of your agents did that so the one who complained has only himself/herself to blame. Transfer of aggression or transfer of frustration seems to be the root cause of the agent’s problem.

    aka Silly Old Papa 8-D>>

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