First: I’ve been wasting far too much time over the past day or two reading the back archives (all 1300+ entries) of Neil Gaiman’s blog. It’s delightful reading, but damned if there isn’t a lot there.

Second: Kurt Vonnegut weighs in. An interesting read, and I’ll leave it at that until someone chooses to comment about it. Thanks to Mickey for pointing it out to me, and thanks to whoever pointed it out to her.

Toodles, I’ll post more later.

2 thoughts on “Errata

  1. Hey, thanks for the Vonnegut link. Very interesting reading.

    And I’m still not either a liberal or conservative! :)


  2. lol great reading. I like Vonnegut anyway so it’s nice to see the old man still writing. Some of the other linked articles are interesting to me. Put Bush in prison.. blah blah blah. It strikes me as odd when our general approach to life is the same as “theirs” oust, thrust, coup etc., except it’s OURS therefore it must be better. Riiiight.

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