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  1. Nice work man. I’ve been trying to take more pictures lately but don’t really have a nice camera with which to work. I’d like to get a nice digital… which interchangeable lenses… but that’s lots of green. Besides I don’t take enough pics to justify it. My uncle let me play with his old Canon A1 over Christmas and I shot about three rolls with that thing and got some nice stuff but I haven’t figured out if I can post it with my blog since I don’t have my own domain. And I’ve just been too lazy to put it on my personal site here at EMU.

  2. Hey, thanks for the comments :)

    As far as digital SLRs go, the best (imho) to get into is Canon. They put together a damn nice camera, and getting a few basic lenses is comparatively low cost (compared to Zeiss or Nikkor), without any degradation in quality.

    A 4 megapixel point and shoot is around $400-600, depending on the model, et cetera. A 6 megapixel digital SLR with interchangeable lenses starts (brand new) at around $1000 (the Canon digital rebel). If you check eBay, you can find a used one for less. In fact, you could probably find a duplicate of my camera (Canon D60) for about that, possibly less. I’m very happy with my camera, and probably won’t upgrade until there is a SERIOUS advancement in technology.

    The D60’s direct successor is the Canon 10D, and runs around $1500. It is still 6mp, but has easily the best signal processor in the business, which expands its effective simulated film speed range to cover 100 through 3200 ISO equivalent. Remarkable stuff. If you get a moment, go check out http://www.canoneos.com, to get a feel for what they are offering right now.

    Of course, they are releasing something like 12 new cameras this year, so it might be worth your while to wait a little bit longer… ;)

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