Back in the Saddle Again

I’m not entirely sure whether this will prove to be a short post or a long one yet, so please bear with me. It’s been a long time since I really sat down and wrote an entry, despite feeling that I should (and in fact missing the feeling). I have a number of things that I would like to write longer, more thoughtful, drawn out posts about, things such as UberCon, and all the surrounding brouhaha that has accompanied it (almost all of it positive, however, or at the very least not negative).

But not right now.

I did fairly well with my 1000 word challenge up until UberCon, and have not yet picked it back up. Hopefully soon (perhaps even tonight, but probably tomorrow). I doubt very much that I will ever show them to anyone, and I am quite content with that: to some extent, I was writing them as a form of morning pages (though I actually did them late at night), and as such are very personal, and sometimes exhibit a side of me that I am not yet ready to publicly acknowledge. I kept them, though, so that was a big step for me. It felt really good to write like that… just writing whatever was on my head and not allowing my censor to delete anything. That said, I found most of it was remarkably coherent, which is mostly satisfying.

I’ve been neglectful of the site, and the gallery. I’ve been meaning to add more images, and sort what I have up already. There are a few things that we have planned for the gallery, but I won’t go into the details quite yet. Let’s get back on a regular posting schedule first!

If you will pardon the disjointed flow of this entry, on to other things (I say as Johnny Cash’s cover of The Beatles “In My Life” comes on in iTunes… a remarkable song to begin with, and all the better with Cash’s gravel voice singing it. I salute you, Man in Black). My friends Eli and Megan have been going through some relationship issues. Namely, they broke up. The sore point seems to have (mostly) passed, so it looks like they’re going to manage to stay friends (hopefully even close friends). If there is one thing that really pisses me off about most relationships, is that when it ends, the friends often end up getting divided up as well. That’s such bullshit. If you’re friends with both, then you are friends with both.

The end of my semester is in right around a month. I am down to the wire, and I am not entirely sure whether or not I’m going to make it. Shit came up towards the beginning of the semester that caused the first packet to be late, and I’ve been playing catchup ever since. If I can get a packet out by the end of the week, and then another 2 weeks after that, then this is doable. Otherwise, I either have to take an extension (an extra 2 months), or call this past semester a wash and start fresh next semester. NEITHER of which is appealing, for a variety of reasons, not the least of which is that either way, my graduation gets pushed back a semester. I want to move on from my Bachelors, get a job in my industry of choice, and then consider grad school. You can understand, I hope, just how much this means I want to finish on time.

It is starting to get warm again (supposed to be upper 50s, lower 60s all week), and I really want to make an effort to start getting out and about more. So any of you folks that are out here in the Seattle area, drop me a line, I’d love to go hang out. (Not that any Seattle people other than Mickey read my site as far as I know.) I think that’s something that really hit home at the convention last week: I really don’t go out much. It was a novel, exciting, yet very draining experience to hang out with everyone each day. I made a concerted effort, opting to go to the parties, and stay up late talking, rather than go to bed and be done with it. Meant I was COMPLETELY brainfried by the time I got home on Monday — Mickey was an absolute doll, and put me to bed right after she picked me up from the airport.

Speaking of Mickey, and Bed, it is now 12am Pacific time. Technically the beginning of a new day… but in my case, the end of the previous. Good night.