1000 Word Challenge

I was talking with a friend of mine, who seems to have a lot of the same trouble getting and staying motivated as I do, and came up with an idea. We are both interested in writing more (and better), so the challenge is a thousand words, every day. We don’t have to show it (but are free to if we want to), but we do need to check in and report on whether we did it. It doesn’t matter if you just write “I have nothing to say” 200 times, even.

A thousand words isn’t a lot, if you think about it, but it IS a challenge. And doing it with someone else provides a certain level of support. You can help goad each other into doing it each day, which I certainly think helps more than just having someone who isn’t even participating saying “So, did you do your thousand words today?” It’s less like nagging when they’re going through the same thing.

I’m extending this pact to anyone who wants to join in. Just leave me a comment, or email me. I’ll try and come up with a method for everyone to be able to check in with each other (IRC? Some Instant Messenger program? A web forum? Feel free to offer a preference/suggestion).

This is entirely unrelated to the top half of the post but: sorry I haven’t been posting much! I’ve been very busy with school and UberCon, but hopefully I’ll be able to get back on track soon! (UberCon is in two weeks, and school… well, school is school, at least I won’t have UC taking up so much time.)

3 thoughts on “1000 Word Challenge

  1. I’m in! I’ve been needing a reason to write more. I may not start for a little bit, but then again, I may. :) Sounds like fun. Instead of giving something up for lent why not try and take something on?! Makes sense to me… and this way I can even seem holy to those who ask. Anyway Back to work. Peace.


  2. Hell yeah! I wish I had time to do that tho – I’m still at work and it’s 11PM. Damn, do I really need to leave. Maybe when my schedule calms down a bit. :)

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