The Good, the Bad, the Director

So, things have been a little stressful, lately. Health insurance came due, and while not exactly unexpected, we really didn’t have the funds for it, so we are now left with needing to do some creative accounting to find the money for everything (rent, bills, car payments, car repairs, et cetera — the money we gratefully received from Mickey’s father to repair the car had to be spent on the health insurance). I’m scrambling madly for a job and have had absolutely no luck. I’ve submitted over 60 resumes at this point, plus several job applications for retail positions, and everyone is either not hiring, or is looking for someone more qualified. Not that they are telling me this, mind you: I’ve been lucky to get an auto-response out of most of them. They also generally say “No calls concerning employment accepted — if we like your resume, WE’LL CALL YOU.”

That would be “the bad”: being broke as hell, with no relief in sight. Even jobs I’m qualified for I’m not getting a response out of. At this rate, it is distinctly possible that we’ll have to sell stock (or use it as collateral on a loan) and move back east to DC, where Mickey has more consistent, reasonable-paying work. I really like it out here except for the job situation, so I’m really REALLY hoping it doesn’t come to that.

As for the Good and the Director: I just got made the official Guest Director for UberCon. This is mostly the application of a title onto what I’ve already been doing, but does involve a bit more formality and responsibility, since it’s not just a matter of making sure current guests are happy, but also lining up future guests, and touching base with former guests. While I have a fear of responsibility, I think I can do this job well, and need to start getting over the fear anyway, for the rest of my life’s projects and goals.

Someone has volunteered to run the video room for the con, so we’re also now talking about what to run. We’d both like to run some late-night anime and other movies, so now it’s a matter of coordinating who is going to bring what. (I ran the room in UC1, and UC2 was done by someone who isn’t going to be there for UC3, so I’m kind of the most available resource.)

As an extra bonus, some Ugly: I sent my packet of schoolwork to my advisor yesterday. The ugly part is that it’s 3 weeks late and my next packet is due in a week. At least I haven’t actually MISSED a packet yet! I’m going to try and cram for this week, then get all the writing done ASAP, and hopefully be only a week late for this next packet… that should take some of the pressure off. That does mean, though, that I probably still won’t be posting very much for the next week or two. Sorry!