Just a quick post to let you all know that Mickey and I are going on vacation. We’re driving down to California, where we’ll be spending the week with my cousin Ethan and his wife Cortney. We’re really looking forward to this, both for the change in location and climate, and also to see friends and family again.

We’re heading out tonight after Mickey’s last show and driving down to Portland, where we’ll be staying with Mickey’s friend Dan. After that, it’ll be roughly 9(ish) hours to our destination just outside of San Fransisco. I am bringing my camera, though we’ll see what I actually end up photographing.

It seems that most of my reading audience is off enjoying the holidays over the past few days (as they should be), at least if site statistics and lack of posts on their own blogs is any indication. (Brother Root Beer has continued to post more than the rest of us, though he has reduced his regularity for the sake of sanity and vacation.)

Well, time to finish packing and take a nap before the trip. We should be back on or slightly before the 5th. We’re both bringing our cellphones, so feel free to give a holler if you want.