Sippy Cup

A few weeks ago, Mickey and I decided to go to Cat in the Hat. She was interested in the set, having read about the vast foam set they had built, and I’m really open to pretty much anything. We went to the last show of the evening on a weekday, which mean that we had the entire theater to ourselves, literally. Needless to say, we heckled and laughed and bounced around, and had a far better time with the movie because of this than I think we would have otherwise.

We came in already a bit punchy, and decided to splurge on the combo popcorn and soda… “for only a quarter more” we got fully a HALF-GALLON of sprite, in a giant caricature of a normal sized cup. It had all the proportions correct, it was just… larger, in every dimension. It even came with a slightly wider, extra long straw. They were obviously clearing out old stock, as it had wrapped around its middle images from Matrix Reloaded (not even Revolutions).

Needless to say, by the end of the movie, it was still half full (and that’s with both of us working on it). We took it home, I drank the last of the soda, and then it was put away (washed).

This, my friends, is the ultimate sippy cup. Gripping it carefully with both hands, you suckle the giant straw, pulling ounce upon ounce of cold water down your throat. I feel like I’m three years old again, finally upgrading from the little cup with the sippy top to the big cups with the sippy top. The proportions are correct, and it really just strikes me as a beautiful, marvelous thing.

Who knows how long it will last, what with being a large cheap plastic cup, but for now at least I will appreciate it, both for the sensation of being three again that it gives, and for helping me keep hydrated for once.

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