Things I Miss

I miss my family and my friends. Words cannot begin to describe how much or in what way.

I miss New England Autumn, wandering through a forest aflame with oranges and reds and yellows, on crisp, clear days.

I miss going to Squam every Columbus Day Weekend to see my extended family; to laugh and share and talk and eat good food (and laugh some more).

I miss Wednesdays, getting together with family and friends to eat lots of good chinese food at Panda House.

I miss evenings in Hanover, drinking coffee, meeting random people, having a good time with friends, writing, putting the day in order in that form of meditation that only happens in Third Spaces.

I miss creativity. I miss having a personal narrative voice, empassioned rants about nothing, gaining insight into who I am not through critical thought but through pure, unadulterated exploration. I have realized recently that I have fallen out of this creative vein, and now merely report. To “borrow” from Ellison, I have no voice, and I must scream. (Rather than view that statement as melodrama, view it instead as a metaphor for the need for creative output.)

Keeping it short.

4 thoughts on “Things I Miss

  1. Things I miss… Dirt being open at night… Top of the Hop talks… Being able to afford the small pleasures in life, like Panda whenever we wanted…

    Oh well, many days off to come… and hopefully a raise or two!

  2. Things I miss….
    – sitting in the back of a truck with a friend, talking about taking over the world.
    – sleding in the winter.
    – hiding in the auditorium with the lights off.
    – watching the ladies walk by Collis.
    – hangin’ out for no good reason, and having it still be fun.

    There’s many more. But even with all the things I miss, I still look forward to every day. To see what it brings, whether it be good or bad. To enjoy the random things that life drops on me. The sparkles of light, or the shadows, every moment that you just stop and say “Wow!”. And especially the ones where you can’t even get out a wow, because your breath is taken aback, by a sight, a sound, a touch, a feeling, anything at all that just makes you realize there is something to it all. Something precious, and beautiful, and worth keeping around.

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