A Panoply of Links

It’s been a few days since I last posted, and I am in fact planning to remedy that in a fuller fashion than just links. That will be later, however. For now, some links worth noting:

My old English teacher/theatrical director, Alan Haehnel, has a website up at www.alanhaehnel.com. It’s primarily about the various shows he’s had published, serving as a contact point for people who are interested in producing them. His plays are invariably delightful, so I’d highly recommend checking it out.

My friend Adam has a website up and running. www.adamhadlock.com will get you to the primary site. He’s also got a weblog running, and is (as of his post a few hours ago) debating whether he wants to make it the main page or not, so until he decides that here is a link direct to the weblog.

Uri is finally up and running from his move, and has begun posting on his website again, with a vengeance (four new posts in the past two days). I enjoyed his “Create!” post in particular (www.mellowafternoon.com, in case you forgot).

In the realm of photography, I highly recommend checking www.terragalleria.com. Mickey’s father sent her the link, which she in turn passed on to me. It’s the website for QT Luong, who is a rather respected photographer. His National Parks collection is really impressive, and one of the most complete I’ve seen.

And to round out the links, a geek-worthy item from a company called Crumpler. Jason O’Grady raved about this new backpack company. They have some truly remarkable new designs that will hopefully revolutionize the computer bag industry. You can check out their (funky/bizarre/cool) website at: www.crumplernyc.com.

More of a real post later!

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