One thought on “Online Communication

  1. I pretty much agree with your post there. I have noticed a similar sort of thing myself, even though I’m just a high-level lurker most of the time. I’ve also noticed a bit of an evolution in online behaviors generally since I first time I went online al tose years ago. You know how many email lists I’m subbed to, plus newsgroups and some forums. I used to see more stuff disappear based on just the lack of personal censoring that an electronic community allows. It seems to me that this is declining some as the online world matures.

    I have watched you change as you gained experience in the electronic world. It seems to me that, to a large extent, you have come to a realization that, electronic or not, it’s the same world and the same people. I *think* this is part of a natural process towards understanding.

    At least thats my cock-eyed view. :-)


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