“Dimujin and Family”

Just got back from dinner. The waiter was pretty cool, gave us a flyer to the music gig he does down in Belltown. It’s “Hip Hop Infusion” by DJs Dimujin and Family, down at this Japanese restaurant called En. The name of their music style can’t help but remind me of Dakah, the hip hop orchestra that I was introduced to by my friend Aleksasha.

Yeah, I think Seattle will be alright.

In other news, I got a LiveJournal account thanks to my wife. I’m not using it, though (I’ll likely just post a link to here whenever I update). It’s mostly so I can have ownership over my comments when I post in livejournal pages. Not a big fan of the “anonymous” thing (hence why I have anonymous posting turned off here… and am considering making user accounts for my site as well).

Just a quick post, I’ll talk more tomorrow, I’m sure.

One thought on ““Dimujin and Family”

  1. wuz up homey? my little sister was listening to rap before you were old enough to plaint.Awesome, man! i’m talking about this bottle o’ mark and the mere idea that I have possibly gotten this contraption to operate. when I see you next,I won’t have shaved and neither will you. please remember the e-mail address you recieve, because I cannot figure out what it is myself.oops!gotta go commit a domestic on the dog! love, auntie.

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