If You’ve Been Waiting…

If you’ve been waiting for me to post more images in my gallery, sorry for the delay. I have a very large writing project I’m in the middle of, and simply don’t have the time right now to post more. Hopefully I’ll post another smattering before I pack everything up and move across the country.

In the meantime, a fellow forumer has a gallery up at his website that is well worth the time to go visit.

Okay, back to the essay! (Yes, it WILL be in the written section of the website once I’m done.)

2 thoughts on “If You’ve Been Waiting…

  1. I did indeed miss it… I’ve been busy with other things and unfortunately neglecting my forums lately.

    Glad to help with the link, hopefully you’ll actually get some traffic out of it (well deserved traffic at that, hint to any readers out there).

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