Character Sheets

More please. I’m not done writing.

I’m not sure exactly what I want to say, but I want to say something.

Let’s create some characters, shall we?

Name: Etion
Occupation: Freelance Empath
Age: 22
Background: Born to military parents, Etion never really had a home. If he were to call any region his home, it would be Washington state, where he spent two years on an air force base. (His longest stay anywhere growing up would be 3 years in North Dakota.) At puberty, latent psychokinetic abilities began to exhibit themselves: he began to notice that he could sense the feelings and intent of others around him. Hiding this ability from those around him, he immersed himself in his studies, graduating a full two years early, before going on to college. Graduating from Uni at age 20, he find himself at a loss for what to do next. Entering a deep depression, he leased out an apartment near Yakima, and worked odd jobs for a year, during which time his parents were killed in a car accident.

Though he was never that close to his parents, he was devastated by their loss, sending him to a new low and forcing him to finally do something about his depression. After six months of intensive therapy, he was finally at a point where he was ready to be on his own. He had never developed any strong relationships in the past, and thus did not have any close friends anywhere. He found himself lacking in identity.

Though moderately handsome, his generally shy demeanor causes him to go unnoticed to most people. He’s got grey-blue eyes, and short, curly brown hair, and perpetually looks like he’s got a five o’clock shadow, though he never needs to shave (the look does not go away when he does bother). He’s 6 feet tall, of a medium build (though this has begun to fill out as he’s gotten older), and has an odd gait (but no one can figure out what exactly is odd about it).

In search of himself, he made arrangements to go on “walkabout”. He put all his worldly belongings into storage near SeaTac, and using his inheritance to fund it, he set out in search of identity.

That was 3 months ago. His empathic abilities have proven to be both a blessing and a curse: it has kept him out of harm’s way on 2 distinct occasions thus far, but at the same time, it appears to only be a precursor to the awakening of other latent abilities. As he travels, strange things have begun to happen.

As he passes through Chicago, he elects to stop and stay for a short while. Staying at long term residency hotel, as he enters his room, he realizes that the girl across the hall is the same girl that had waited on him at the coffee house he’d gone to earlier in the day. Pondering briefly whether there is anything to this or merely coincidence, he tables it and moves on.

Name: Alia Scituate
Age: 19
Profession: Intermittent Student/Slacker
Background: Though she does not know it, she is in fact half-fae, a direct decendent the Scottish faerie royal family. Because of this, she was slow to develop, and is a petite 5 feet even now at age 19, looking vaguely like a pixie. Her hair is a bronze color, and sparkles in the sun. Her eyes are a bright turquoise-green (the color of tarnished copper or bronze), that appear to flash when she gets angry. She is quite attractive, and is told as much, though she has poor self image and low self-esteem, which leaves her generally single and still a virgin. She has a few friends whom she considers close friends, though the feeling isn’t mutual (high school “chums” who tend to backbite her when she’s not around). They are one of the reasons she has low self-esteem.

Though quite intelligent, she lacks motivation, and graduated in the middle of her class. Because of this, she couldn’t get into her college of choice, and instead does community college work in Chicago while working at a local coffee shop. She’s a bit of a “lost soul”, and doesn’t communicate well, sometimes forgetting to speak in full sentences, or letting her words drift and slur, as if she’s constantly distracted by something.

Though she is half-faerie, she does not realize it, because she was put up for adoption at birth: as a “half-breed”, the faerie refused to allow her in with them, and the father was unknown.

She had a falling out with her adoptive parents when she was 17, had them sign the releases, and has been living on her own since then, in a long term residence hotel.

She meets Etion first at the coffee shop where she works, and then later discovers that he has moved into the room across the hall from her. She is strangely attracted to him, but is too shy and confused to admit it.