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The Madhouse:

A young girl is sent to an asylum. The asylum is filled with quirky people:
Harry: a young man who speaks only in Radiohead lyrics,
Adrienne: a young girl who only speaks in passages of scripture
Amy: a young girl who doesn’t speak at all, just sits against the presidium arch at stage right, head hung low
Sara: the main character. Sent to the asylum because she is so plain and normal that everyone thinks there MUST be something wrong with her.
Dr. Specifica: the resident psychiatrist, possibly the most deranged of all of them. She always wears flamboyant, colorful clothes, and carries an ornate half-mask on a stick (like opera glasses), with a birdlike nose, which she speaks through when stressed.
Gary: the eldest of the “inmates”. He speaks out of “synch”, talking ahead of the conversation by about 5 minutes (will answer a question 5 minutes before it is actually asked). Has trouble distinguishing fact from fiction.
Carrie: de-facto leader of a gaggle of obsessive compulsive followers, who follow Carrie mindlessly, doing as she does (a nervous, jittery living laughtrack for anything Carrie does, much like the stereotypical mob boss with stooges).

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