It’s the Little Things

16 boxes just arrived at my door from Vermont. While the computers and TV and boxes (and boxes and boxes…) of books are certainly great, what I’m really happy about is the toaster and teapot. The ability to make toast and tea in one’s own home truly is the height of civilization.

Tomorrow, the storage unit arrives (it’s a portable one). That holds my bed (futon), my desk, and a wide panoply of things that I’ve not seen for coming up on two years. Time flies! This’ll be the first time I’ll have all my stuff in one spot since the divorce. Feeling pretty good about that. It’s going to take some serious thought on how to organize everything to fit in this space, but I think I’ll manage. (It’s a studio apartment, remember, and I’m something of a packrat. Hector the Collector ain’t got nothing on me!) Once I’ve figured out the space and what furniture I have, I think my priority will be to a) find a small couch if there’s room, and b) arrange for bookshelves. I’d say that easy 70% of all the things I own at the moment are things meant to go on shelves.

Finally starting to get over this cold. Still congested, but otherwise feeling fairly human. It’s been in the 50-60 range, and the trees are blossoming, and the bushes outside my apartment are flowering nicely. I’m definitely glad to be here, even if I have been under the weather the past few days.