Going to “Ohio”

I did indeed take off as expected and planned, and only a mere few hours later than anticipated (hunting for my tire chains, which I woefully could not find, but finding a bunch of random sundry stuff that I’d forgotten to pack in the process), heading first south down to DC, where I stayed with my brother, Shane, Brian, and Scott (in absentia), and even got a chance to spend some time with my friend Elizabeth (we weren’t sure if timing was going to work out, since she was coming back from England right around when I was planning to leave). All in all a good day and a half spent in DC, though I must say it’ll be nice to have an actual bed tonight instead of a couch.

Which gets me to tonight: I finally got out of DC around 5, and took off west on 70 through Pennsylvania and into Ohio… I was making good time and wasn’t all that tired, but I opted to get a hotel room while there would still be enough of a night to make use of it, so I’ve stopped just west of Columbus… roughly another 90 miles of Ohio, then in Indianapolis, I need to make a decision about what route I want to take. I’m generally a fan of the northern route (I-94), but those other trips also weren’t in the dead of winter. I may end up just taking I-90 and calling it good enough.