I spent today driving across the Florida peninsula from Daytona to Tampa… it shouldn’t have taken as long as it did, but I opted to take surface roads rather than the far more convenient interstate. It was in the 80s for the entire drive, and I made the most of it, windows down and blaring Animal Collective on the stereo as I drove down the road. Fun times!

I got out to the coast near Tampa in time for sunset (but not in time to stop and grab the camera (the Gandy Bridge is kinda long, and there was traffic). Really excellent, with plenty of rich golds illuminating the clouds. I continued to wander for a bit, then started meandering north on I-75, then grabbed I-10. I finally decided to stop in Tallahassee, and have holed up for the night. I need to decide whether to start heading north, or continue my westward trend… I couldn’t really afford this trip in the first place, so I should probably take this as a cue to start homeward. I’d really like to continue, but as far as the goal of the trip (a recharge and sanity check) is concerned, it’s been adequately accomplished, so it’s hard to justify staying out just because I want to.

I’ve been meaning to have a longer post… I think it may have to wait til I’m in one spot for more than an evening. Hope everyone is having a good 2007 so far!