All in the Timing

When it rains, it pours. Life is currently in a state of extreme turmoil, as I’m sure most or all of you are aware. Well, to add insult to injury, my laptop has started to make the unmistakeable warning signs of a dying hard drive (extremely slow seek and load times, and the occasional metal on metal sound if it’s a deep search). This is in addition to the broken hinge which has continued to worsen with my lack of time to send in the laptop. I was going to send it in once I got back from Vermont, and that plan has been somewhat shot to pieces.

“But didn’t you get money to buy a new computer?” Yes, yes I did, and I purchased a new computer, a desktop. Which is in Seattle. Where I am not and will not be any time soon. So, super happy fun time! Looks like my options are: pay out the nose to get it fixed (new hard drive, new hinge), or pay out the nose for a new (to me) machine, or let it die and be laptopless indefinitely. That last option is decidedly not an ideal solution, especially given my current living situation. All I have to say is, “Argh.”

In the meantime, I’ve backed my files onto a portable hard drive, and thankfully have most of that data already mirrored on the desktop in Seattle. I hate to say it, but I may just wait and let her die, try and eek her through til MacWorld in July, and see if anything new comes out that would drop the price on an equivalent machine to something more reasonable. If she dies before then, then I’ll have to reassess, but hopefully I can get to July by treating her VERY gingerly (I already have to hold the screen in certain places just to open it). In July I should be receiving an influx of money (an investment sorta paying off), which should help the situation dramatically.

“Write down ‘I am okay’ a hundred times, the doctors say. I am okay. I am okay. I’m not okay.” — Eels, Electro-Shock Blues

2 thoughts on “All in the Timing

  1. Hey man,

    That’s rough. Who knew it was possible to kick someone who was that low?

    I wish I had a laptop to loan you…all I have is the desktop. I have a notebook and a pen, if you want it. Also, an old, heavy, CRT monitor kicking around downstairs.

    Seriously, I wish there were something I could do. If there is, just give the word. Hope you’re around Thursday.

  2. Just a note on the dying hard drive… If your internal hard drive does indeed bite the dust, you could always boot it from an external firewire drive. Also, replacing the hard drive in your powerbook is fairly trivial, as long as you got the right torx driver. If you are comfortable with computer hardware, I would recommend doing it yourself. It would cut the price of the fix in half.

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