Sin City

After dropping off my car to be serviced (in preparation for the trip east next week, we leave here in 5 or 6 days), Mickey and I went to the movies, in particular to the 11am showing of Sin City.

Go see this movie, right now. It’s brilliantly done, and largely shot for shot from the comics, which is quite impressive. It is primarily done in a black and white noir style, with the occasional flash of color. The action is intense and bloody, but is done in such a way that you don’t shy away as grotesque. The dialogue reads like a comic, for better or worse, but the voice over work is perfect, and captures exactly the gritty world of the film. My hat goes off to the folks involved in creating this masterful film.

Worth mentioning: it doesn’t matter if you’ve read the comic or not, going in. It stands on its own QUITE well, and may interest you to go read the comics after watching it.

4 thoughts on “Sin City

  1. Nabil, I have observed you time and again over the years as you were the only other Nadreck on ICQ at one point in time, and of course you have registered (I have, .net and .ca). In any case I was revamping my main page and I have put a link to your site here ( in a parenthetic comment where I explain what Nadreck is all about.

  2. Oh as an after thought, even though I lived in Yellowknife for 15 years up until I moved far south to Calgary, Alberta in semi-retirement last October, I have a cottage near you in Vermont that I share with my sister. It is about 4 miles south of St Albans Bay on the Georgia shore at a spot that is shown on old maps as Melville’s landing. Small world.

  3. Hi , the movie sounds great. We don’t get out to see the movies. So thanks for telling it on your site. Sounds like you had a great time and it was well done.

  4. OH I hope you have a good trip home with Uri, are you driving or flying you said you got your car tuned up so I was thinking you are driving. If so please be careful and my thoughts and prayers will be with you. Say hi to Mickey for me. And make sure you keep in tough with her while you are gone! I am sure she will miss you and you will miss her. How are you doing with your dog? I have heard about her or him I was never told what the dog is. Check you e-mail and see if you get anything from me ok. love you all . Aunt suzy

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