The Apple Store… Again

Last year, I submitted my resume with Apple’s retail outlets in Bellevue and Seattle. I got an interview at the Bellevue store, which proved to be a mess (I was supposed to head over after my game testing job, but I hit nasty traffic and missed the appointment, the reschedule was a mess, et cetera). I didn’t get the job, and dropped the matter. The game testing gig paid nearly as well, and was more flexible.

This morning, (about 10 minutes ago), I got a call from the Apple Store in Bellevue, wondering if I’d like to come in to interview for a part time Specialist position (Retail). Hours would be flexible (could just work afternoons, for instance), and the game testing job hasn’t really been going anywhere lately. They don’t even have my updated resume, so I’m a little surprised. I’ve scheduled an appointment for next Wednesday at 3pm, and we’ll see how it goes.

Here’s the thing: I’m not really sure I WANT to work for them anymore. The consistent money would be nice, the discounts would be nice, the commute would not be nice, being in retaili again would not be nice. The big one: I’ve got a fucking huge workload coming up with this semester, and I’m not sure if I want to have to worry about hauling ass up to Bellevue 4 days a week when I’m trying to finish my degree. I realize people work during their degree programs all the time, that doesn’t mean they would if they had the choice not to. School comes first. It should make for an interesting interview, and I’m actually looking forward to that.