The New Arrangement

My G5 has arrived and is set up. So far, I’ve upgraded to iLife ’05 (came in the box, just not installed), and installed iWork ’05, MySQL 4.1.9, CocoaMySQL (GUI frontend for MySQL), MenuMeters 1.2, and iChatStatus 1.2.1. I also did all the software updates, and installed and updated the developer tools.

It feels really good to have a “clean” machine, and before I do TOO much more than, say, my schoolwork, I’m going to sit down and figure out a really good file organization system, to make sure it STAYS organized and clean.

The monitor I picked up (a LaCie ElectronBlue IV 22″, reconditioned) has two input ports and a nifty little button on the front for switching between the two, so I’m going to try running a single monitor setup with my Mac and PC for a while, and Mickey gets upgraded to my ElectronBlue III 19″. They’re both phenomenal monitors, and I think she’ll be happy with the larger screen and more precise color fidelity for her Photoshop work.

I still haven’t decorated in my office (we’re theoretically going to paint it, so I’ve been using that as an excuse), but I’ve taken a photograph of my current workstation:
Office Picture

Geek Bliss.

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  1. I have a similar monitor that allows multiple inputs. Since I hate having more than one keyboard and mouse in front of me (I always end up typing on the wrong one), I use OSX2X to allow me to use my mac keyboard and mouse on the windows box. It works out rather well.

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