Laptop Amusement

Sitting around at the Tiger Tech Talk at the Seattle Marriot Waterfront, in a room filled with other Mac Geeks. I’ve NEVER seen this many laptops. It’s really pretty impressive. Entire 12 person tables were filled with people’s various Powerbooks at every seat. I don’t know why, but this amuses me greatly… that and the fact that I can turn on iChat and see half a dozen people on Rendezvous. Slick slick slick.

Umm, I can’t really talk about what I’ve been learning, quite yet… they made it clear at the beginning of the conference that this information is Confidential, and pointed out that we signed a general NDA when we signed up for the seminar.

10:20AM: I’m in the general overview seminar currently, and there is some great stuff being discussed. I’m really really looking forward to getting ahold of Mac OS X 10.4, and wish I could get ahold of the money to pick up the development kit while I’m here. To be able to get a jump start on using some of these new technologies would be wonderful.

12:48PM: Just got done with the Core Data session. Can’t talk about the specifics, but let me just say that there was a point during the demo that everyone literally gasped and “ooo”ed. Argh, hope they have a giveaway or something by the end of this for a copy of Tiger. That’d be swell.

6:54PM: What a day. Lots of really interesting information, which has left me both wanting 10.4 asap and wanting to develop for 10.4 asap. Developing Widgets, using some new core functionality, all sorts of great stuff, for pretty much every app idea I’ve had of late. Had some interesting conversations with some of the other attendees (hello to any of you who happen to check out the website and see this).

Final Prognosis: simultaneously a fun, productive, and FRUSTRATING day. Fun because it was a good seminar, productive because I learned a lot, and FRUSTRATING because I can’t afford the 10.4 pre-release so I can get cracking on developing for it.

Been a LONG day, heading home to my sweetie and pup. Hopefully to eat, then write. Or vice versa.

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