Less Than Two Weeks to Closing

Sorry I haven’t been posting regularly recently. Part of it is hecticness involving school and packing for the move and financials, but the other part is a lack of motivation to post. The weather is back to being in stasis (clear blue, mid-80s, every day), I haven’t been working much (not that I can really talk about what I play, anyway), and I haven’t really done anything interesting in a while. That’s not to mention the roofers banging on my ceiling as they retar the roof of the apartment and the mind-numbing heat actively conspiring to keep me from getting anything productive done.

That said, here are a few updates as to what’s been going on and how things have been going. I’ve managed to keep up with school, and have two packets left to the semester. I’ve been taking a beginner figure drawing class over at University of Washington for the past few weeks each Saturday (my last class was this past Saturday), and I’ve got a sketch-dump up here. (For what it’s worth, that’s an entire sketch dump of my sketchbook, not just classes or even since class started.)

In other news, I just wanted to let ya’ll know that The Root Beer Blog is not in fact dead, and neither is its writer. It is, however, experiencing some technical difficulties, hence the no new posts thing. I’ll keep you updated on when things are better.

Speaking of well written blogs, I would like to point to a few that I’ve come across recently. First, the Drunken Blog. I was pointed to it because of his article about convergence and the whole Apple/RealNetworks DRM “thing”. (My father just pointed me to another well written article on the topic: http://daringfireball.net/2004/08/2004_wont_be_like_1984, if you’re interested in the subject.)

The other new blog worth noting is a bit more techie-related: http://www.diveintomark.org currently has a fantastic article about Why Specs Matter that is making the rounds among developers (I found it in the topic on #macdev, FWIW. I then forwarded it to Chris, who forwarded it to his boss, who loved it, etc etc, until at this point it’s already made its way through a good chunk of Adobe and Microsoft). Great fun, and if as someone who either codes or deals with coders you find yourself quibbling over the details of the article while saying “Oh, that’s not me”, I think we all know what camp you fall in. ;)

Read an interesting book for school called Art&Fear, that I would highly recommend to anyone involved in the creative process. It seems particularly good at kicking you in the ass about hiding behind excuses, and acknowledging that there’s no such thing as an ideal artmaking environment. Well worth the time to read it (it’s short, too… 120 pages, nice large easy to read type). I’ll write more about it for school, so when I do, I’ll look into posting the annotation (depending on how it turns out, of course).

Returning to the title of the post, we close in a little over a week (the 27th of August, ie next Friday). Mickey’s been bringing home boxes from work, and packing various knickknacks around the house (pictures, et cetera). Her books, my tech books, our dvds, and our cds are all already packed, so at this point I need to pack the rest of my books, then start breaking down electronics and shelves for moving. Most of the electronics devices we still have the original packaging for, so that will make that process much easier… I’ve been holding off on doing it until we got a little closer, because I’m still using some of the devices… but I suppose I could start dealing with the ones I’m not. Moving sucks.

I’ll close with a brief informal itinerary:
– End of August/Beginning of September: Move into new house and start unpacking
– September: unpack, and finish my semester
– October: head to Portland for a marathon and a get-together of some of Mickey’s friends
– October: fly East a few days before UberCon, spend it in VT visiting friends and family
– October: UberCon (any friends of Mickey or myself reading this, come on up/over/down, it’ll be really fun and much easier to get to than hauling up to VT if that’s not where you are)
– October: Mickey flies back west after the con, and I head up to Vermont for TWO WEEKS (I know… fluke of the school scheduling)
– October: Residency in Montpelier for a week
– Beginning of November, fly home to my sweetie

PS: Chris is a rocker. He rocks out.

One thought on “Less Than Two Weeks to Closing

  1. Moving does indeed suck a bit. Doesn’t help at all that I’m running around at work seemingly 24-7 lately. (At least this is my last weekend of that for a good while)

    But the weather has finally broken. There’s a steady slogging rain falling right now that has cooled stuff off immensely and helped out the poor scorched plants around us. The coolness factor will only make you happier too. And hey, just in time for the rain they finally refilled the swimming pool today. (doh!)

    I miss being home enough with you sweetie…. But I’ll have lots more time after this last couple days of night-work and we can happily bond over the packing *grin* And then we can happily bond over the owning of our own home… espeicially the Hot Tub!

    I love you!

    p.s. Chris is indeed a rocker who rocks out.

    p.p.s. I think IE is sucking and not formatting this comment very well… I really had separate paragraphs and stuff that aren’t previewing that way at all. *sigh* silly work computer.

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