Well, Hrm

I didn’t get the job. They sent me a very nice rejection email, though, and they actually stuck to their goal of having a decision by the end of the week. I’m not entirely sure how I feel about not getting it… I’m disappointed, but I’m also in some way relieved that I’ve once more been given a (only partially desired) reprieve from the corporate world.

Now the question really is whether I should continue to scramble to find work, or just give up the ghost, do my part-time/sporadic/on-call game testing gig for the rest of the summer, and move back to DC. With the additional income coming in from Chris (who thus far has not really impacted our normal spending whatsoever), that’ll certainly do us for the summer while we figure out what the hell is happening.

Bit of a damper on an otherwise alright day. Glad to be out of limbo about it.

3 thoughts on “Well, Hrm

  1. I’m sorry you didn’t get the job, but it will give you more time for your school work.


  2. Yeah, the limbo’s a drag. Sorry you didn’t get it though.

    FWIW, my advice would be to keep at it, at least for a little while, and as long as it doesn’t impact your schoolwork. Job searching (for me, anyway) is a really tough groove to get into, and a really easy one to get out of. If you’re going to have to look when you get to DC, a three-month break may not prove helpful. Practice can only help in the long run. Not to meddle, or anything, but it seemed like you were looking for some perspective.

    I’ve been there, man, and probably will be again fairly soon. All I can do is sympathize and wish you luck. Hope all is well otherwise. :)

  3. I’m sorry to read that you didn’t get the job with OmniGroup. :-(

    I agree with Chris’s comment that you should keep looking — it’s a way to hone your interviewing skills, if nothing else. Can you contact the folks you interviewed at OmniGroup and ask for feedback on your interview with them? It may simply be that the person they selected had more relevant experience to offer them.

    If you and Mickey do decide to go to the other Washington (D.C.), let me know if I can help. I’ll be getting lots of practice in packing and schlepping over the next six weeks.

    Dad-in-Law 8-|>>

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