Dartmouth, Revisited

So, just a quick post because I’m hanging out at Collis once more, after six months. It has finally become warm (currently 73 degrees and cloudy with the potential of thunderstorms), and I have been missing the particular mood and atmosphere that occurs when hanging out in Hanover.

Residency went well, and I’m looking forward to really diving into drawing every day (I’m due for a drawing today, and will get to it, but haven’t yet). It feels good to be back in the area, though I have been missing Mickey desperately. I got to see all sorts of folks last night, including getting to meet Eli’s friend Pia, whom is still hanging out with us (which is fine, as she’s cool), and is currently drawing across the table from me. Uri is on one side of me, Eli is on the other, and we’re all not really talking all that much. In other words, it’s another day in Hanover.

We’re probably going to go see Kill Bill part 2 tonight, even though I haven’t seen part 1 yet. It seems like a nice thing to do… that’ll be after dinner though (going to do dinner with the ‘rents shortly). It’s just a weird atmosphere right now, especially with the wind picking up and I can taste a storm in the air.

I want to write more, but looking at the time, I don’t think I have time. I will endeavor to come back out and write more on Monday. (And maybe even a non-Hanover post tomorrow!)