Mostly Dead

…If he were all dead, there’s only one thing you could do: go through his pockets for loose change.

I apologize for not posting recently. I have some schoolwork due that is taking up most of my time (nothing special, just some annotations and an essay), and I’ve felt guilty about taking the time to post. Silly of me, really, as nothing motivates you towards accomplishment like… other accomplishment. You take the pleasant feeling of satisfaction at completing something and use it to fuel working on something else that needs completing.

Anyway, there is a new image up in the gallery, from my lovely wife. She claims it’s the last of her Geisha pictures, we’ll see if that’s the case. As for when my own gallery space will be up… I don’t know exactly. I redesigned my copyright watermark to be less distracting, and am now in the process of going back to the originals from my archives. I’ve come across several images that I’d passed over before that I’m finding far more worthwhile now, so there will even be some new content among the old (plus actually new material, taken as recently as two weeks ago).

As a last word about the gallery: please DO register an account! It gives you a whole slew of extra abilities (voting and comments being two big ones), and really only takes a second to do. (The register and login links are in the upper right corner of the gallery page.)

I’ll try to get back into a posting habit again soon. At least I’ve got company in this no-new-post land… Uri, Eli, Adam, and Shane all haven’t posted in a while either. My wife has been pretty good about posting, as has Chris, so it’s not like I’m going to be left all alone in the “recently posted” realm. Damn good company, at that.