Not November

There is this day-long limbo period between the residency and my flight home. November 1st, today, seems like a good limbo day. It is currently 58 degrees, with estimates taking us as high as 68 today, a temperature that really does not fit November. Novembers in New England are generally grey, bitterly cold affairs, with the ground sucking the heat from your every step, a blanket of insulating snow not yet on the ground.

It is hard to dislike this change, though. On this, my last day in the area for a full six months, it is beautiful, warm, and sunny, leaving a fond memory and an enticement to come back. Not that I really need that enticement: Vermont is like another, fond family member to me, neither sibling nor parent but at the same time both. While the Seattle area is treating me well, like a doting aunt, Vermont will always be Home to me. While I may live elsewhere (and I am not ready to return to Vermont to stay), there is more to a Home than where you live.

Here’s a “Deep Thought”:
Our perception of color is determined by the rods and cones in our eyes. Since everyone has a different amount of rods and cones, it stands to reason that we each perceive the same color in a different way: what I call orange may look blue to you if you looked through my eyes. So, thinking about that, do you think that perhaps we all actually have the same favorite color? Even the way we describe a color is suspect, since what we call a color and how we describe it is based on language, which is nothing more than an agreement to use the same words in the same way (as a child, you are shown an orange, and are told “orange.” This is the building block of language).

I know, I know, not very deep. That’s kind of my point.

I’m on a roll in posting every day. I don’t THINK I’m going to get a chance to do one tomorrow, so I hope that doesn’t throw off my momentum too much.

One thought on “Not November

  1. you got the weather that’s supposed to be here damnit!

    *sigh* it’s been cold here. and tomorrow is supposed to be colder with freezing rain, possibly mixed with snow. bleah.

    come home and warm me up already :)

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