Musings of a Frantic Mind

It occured to me last night, around 12:30 (so technically today), as I was drifting off to a relatively early slumber, that I had not posted. I had posted another four images, but I had not actually posted anything on the main page. So, to all three of you that even occasionally glance at this page, my apologies.

First off, congratulations to my friend Andy and his wife Emily for getting married yesterday. I hope it was a fantastic wedding, and I’m sorry Mickey and I couldn’t make it.

What did I do instead? Packed. Mickey took care of talking to various moving agencies on the phone, getting quotes lined up et cetera. That took up the mid-day, and by 5, we simply weren’t up for driving 3 hours each way.

Instead of driving up and partying with the newlyweds, I ended up drawing for a brief while, playing with my tablet. I wasn’t sure what to draw, so I sketched my nalgene bottle. It wasn’t fantastic, really qualifying as a doodle or a sketch and nothing more. I was pretty pleased that I got the proportions right, though, so I posted it over at the Penny Arcade Art Forum, where it was promptly poo-poo’d into the ground. (I was kind of expecting this.)

So, I suppose there are two questions:
1) If I knew they were going to shit on it, why did I post it?
Because it sometimes helps to get the brutal criticisms in order to improve. If you constantly get “hey, that’s nice,” you (well, I do at least) lose focus of what you can do to improve, or that you even NEED to improve. That and/or I’m slightly masochistic.
2) If I was at my computer for most of the afternoon (and clearly posted images), why no new journal entry?
Because I’m lazy. :) No, seriously. I didn’t feel up for writing something right away, so I went into the other room and started playing some video games. 7 hours later, it was 12:30am and I went to bed. So it really was laziness, plain and simple.

If you are wondering what game, then you can post a comment and ask. (Subtle little hint to comment more, eh? I DO read them — heck, I even have them set up to be emailed to me — and really do appreciate the feedback. Makes me feel like I’m doing this for more reason than just to satisfy my ego’s need for a net presence.)

3 thoughts on “Musings of a Frantic Mind

  1. What game beotch? We should do coffee again tonight, and post more useless tidbits to our blogs. We’re just lame enough to do that. ;)

  2. Final Fantasy IX. It is by no means my favorite (at the risk of getting flak for it, Final Fantasy VIII is my favorite), but it had been a long while since I’d played it.

    And yes, in fact I AM writing this at coffee.

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