This Day, Today

Today is Wednesday. (Well, looking at the time, if I don’t finish this soon YESTERDAY was Wednesday.)

Generally, every Wednesday, my brother drives down from Burlington, and comes to lunch with my parents, Mickey, and myself, and often Eli and Megan. Chris and Gloria are planning to join us in this regular occurence, but things haven’t worked out in that endeavor as yet. Well, it might have happened today, but I don’t know.

Because I wasn’t there. Mickey and I had a hair appointment that afternoon in yonder Manchester, NH. We drove down, and had our respective heads of hair dyed. Mickey refreshed the red color she’d had done for the wedding. I had never dyed my hair before, so I chose to go for a bit more flamboyant a dye job, and decided to turn my hair blue.

The whole process took about three hours, and I ended up having to get a second treatment done, as it turns out my hair doesn’t take dye too well. Overall, I’m pretty pleased with the result. While it isn’t quite as saturated a blue as I might like, I am satisfied with my initial experience of hair dying, and now understand more about my hair for next time. (And yes, there WILL be a next time… probably this October if not sooner.)

Our friend Julie also came up from Boston, and had her hair done at the same time as us, so after we were all done, we got in touch with another friend of ours (Florence), and went to Florence’s place for dinner. (Quite scrumptious.)

As Mickey and I headed back north, we listened to some of my old compilations… as we were listening to a King Crimson song called “I Talk to the Wind” on one of these compilation CDs, I had a particularly strong vision pop up, generated by the mood and lyrics of the song. It involves the straight man and the late man, and hopefully I’ll put it to paper (whether digital or physical paper is a separate matter) soon.

Hmm, what else… both my brother and my friend Eli have begun posting regularly, so do please swing on by and check out their sites.

Also, the folks over at Life of Riley have pointed out a potentially nifty online community called Gaia Online. If you are interested, tell them I sent you.