The Fourth Day

An interesting day that was a non-day.

Today was mostly spent lounging about, catching up on email, reading essays (Bradbury, Zen in the Art of Writing), and chatting with folks that I hadn’t heard from in a while. Around 6 Mickey and I went out to coffee in Hanover, where we caught up with Eli and Megan, with whom we hung out for most of the night.

What did we do, pray tell?

Well, we got Eli to update his blog, and sat around enjoying the evening winds while he swore at his server. (Personally, I think that it acts up because it feels neglected and wants attention. If only he posted more often…) While he borrowed my laptop to do so, Mickey and I each pulled out sketchbooks, and drew for a while. Megan borrowed a notebook from me (I’ve taken to lugging around a satchel with my laptop, a sketchbook, and a notebook, all in addition to my usual pocket knick-knacks), and wrote a delightful song for Mickey and a semi-haiku about me. I thought they were cool, but I forgot to ask her if it’s alright to post them. Hopefully she’ll give the okay.

Mickey drew a really fun drawing of Choo-Choo Bear, as well as really cool evil anime-chibi girl. I drew a sketch of Megan, which proved that I’m truly horrible at drawing people. Then I drew a chair, the results of which were distorted and ugly. Then I finally drew something I’m pretty pleased with, namely a sketch of the tree on the street corner by Collis Center in Hanover. Definitely my best sketch thus far. We don’t have a scanner (it’s on the list of things to buy once we’re out in Seattle, along with one of the new Power Mac G5’s), so really seeing ANY of my sketches will have to wait. If I bother scanning them in at all.

We then scampered off for food, and discussed the concept of a new laptop for Eli, which really didn’t go anywhere, but was fun in a geeky kind of way. Thai food was the order of the evening, and was quite scrumptious.

All in all, a good day. The company of friends, and low stress.