Ahh New York

Well, I’m currently down in New York, in Yonkers to be exact, lying on the couch of a friend. I arrived pretty late: between a snowstorm in VT, roaming around Hartford CT, and the rest of the drive (plus a late start), I didn’t get here til around 2.

I figured, based on my phone call with my friend, that we’d basically get there, and go to bed. Well, I was wrong. We ended staying up til 4am, talking business. This is fine and good, except that I’d told Mickey that I’d call and let her know that we got in okay. So I called — she’d told me she was going to turn off her phone, so just leave a message.. I was both glad and surprised, and also felt like a bit of a cad to wake her up all rolled into one. She swore up and down that she didn’t mind though. Well, not like it’s every day.

I haven’t really begun my study yet, but then it’s only the day after the residency, and I’m not home. Hopefully, I’ll be able to start it Monday or Tuesday, along with my convention work.