A Dream I Had

I was telling Mickey about this dream I had last night, and she thought it might be worth writing down. Not that it’s fleshed out or anything, but it was still an interesting dream.

It started out being back at my parents’ house, with it being late October/early November out (most of the leaves are off, sky is kind of gray, and it’s “brisk”). I was showing someone (I don’t recall exactly who, might have just been a duendic conglomeration of various Bond girls or something. I’m really not sure, just sure that I don’t recognize them now that I’m awake) the backyard, pointing out the space where Mom used to garden (she still does but not as much). In fact, there are still three broken and dead corn stalks on the outermost row.

Now, for those who haven’t been to my parents’ house, there is a cliff out at the end of the back yard, covered in slate and shale and a few trees that have managed to find purchase. In this dream, these cliffs have been covered with a light grey-blue-green fabric (slightly more blue and green than the background color of this site, actually). Great billowing sheets, unmarred and attached by a bar way up at the tree tops, and then again at the ground. We’re talking easily 75 feet tall, if not more.

I pulled out my PDA (a Tungsten T, what I actually have), and started looking through this massive list of applications and functions, with a very complex and bizarre interface on the screen (oddly not backlit nor in color, the Tungsten does both). I found one called “Shield” which prompted me for GPS coordinates, which I gave as the garden (doubt they were accurate… 145 degrees, 58 minutes, 14 seconds, I don’t remember the other). A massive laser beam shoots down out of the sky (the beam is about 20 feet in diameter and a yellowish white in color). It completely vaporizes the corn husks and chars the ground in the beam, but doesn’t damage anything around it, which I find pretty impressive. It’s then that I realize that it’s not “Shield” so much as “S.H.I.E.L.D.” ala the secret organization from the Marvel Universe, and that I seem to have inherited a superweapon from them somehow.

The dream fast forwards through a few more tests, until something goes awry, and I accidentally give my own coordinates instead of a target’s coordinates. I’m rushing to press the abort key, but accidentally hit some other button on the interface, I’m not sure which. What that does, though, is instead of incinerating me, it teleports me, leaving me just outside the Great Pyramids in Egypt. I’m talking to some Arab about what happened and how I got there, but am not making much in the way of inroads because I don’t know Arabic and he doesn’t know English.

Fast forward again, and I’m still in Egypt, beside the Sphinx now, and am digitally duelling with some other mysterious individual who also has the program to control the satellite laser. He narrowly misses me with the beam (it shoots through the center of the sphinx head), and I’m harriedly trying to get my own volley off, when something (light in the eyes? Alarm? Rolling over?) woke me up.